Hello ECI834,

My journey through EC&I 834 enlarged the knowledge that I gained in all the previous class that I have taken with Alec. This is my Fifth course with Dr.Alec and once again it allowed me to create, connect, and collaborate with so many creative and incredible classmates. This course will be my final course in my Master’s program but, I know that the knowledge that I have gained and relationships that have acquired during my journey and through Twitter, blogging will remain intact long into the future.

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Well, folks, designing an online course has been a significant learning experience for me this semester.  In the course of building the course prototype, time swiftly went by and I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone. We are just a week far from concluding this course and yet we have come a long way together. Through the means of building our course prototype, we have discovered an ocean of possibilities, online and digital resources. We are now equipped with so many tools to create online or blended-learning and knowledge which will further boost our confidence in taking our teaching online. Prior to the ECI courses with Alec, never in my life, I had thought that I would be designing an online course and thanks to all the courses that I have taken with him and especially ECI834, I have finally designed one, and this is one of the major takeaways from this course.

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           In the initial planning phase of our course prototype, we wanted to replicate the face to face math course experience to a completely online format and for that, we were searching for right tools and platforms. As Hu Sile states in his blog post even, I think that One of my takeaways from the course related to designing for online and blended learning is that we proudly employed the flipgrid to build an online collaborative learning environment. The idea behind using flipgrid was to give students a platform where they can explain their learning by their voice or video and not just by text. By giving students a platform where they record short, authentic videos while they solve the problems and also reply to their peer’s videos. It is another way to get students talking with each other in different ways is to have them use video or audio to interact. By employing flipgrid we were trying to give students a platform to explain their learning, just like a face to face math class.

As a student and a teacher, I have always been inspired by the quote “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.” I have been fortunate to see the shift from the traditional idea of schooling, where I sat in front of a teacher in a room seeing her lecturing to the students who were sitting in a well-organized row, to a whole different format of online education. But now, we must acknowledge the fact that the educational landscape is forever changed and thanks to the various formats of technology. Most of us would probably agree to the fact that technology has revolutionized almost every area of life and education sector is no exception, I believe that technology has so much to offer especially in education and for an educator to get closer to our students and deliver the knowledge effectively and efficiently. From ECI834 and all the other four courses that I have taken from Alec, realizing the above fact was another takeaway. 

            Now after learning about various tools and variety of online and digital resources as well as pedagogical elements that apply to online learning environments there is no doubt in me that technology makes learning fun and interesting. Technology is a great way to attract students to interactive education. In this digital age, our classroom must not necessarily be, how it used to be decades ago. Technology in education has been the biggest game-changer in teaching that we educators will ever see. So, I believe that technology enhances learning and realizing this fact was the major takeaway.



  1. Congratulations on completing this your last course for your masters degree! What an accomplishment! I would like to do a survey and find out the number of people who used Flipgrid in their prototype. It seems to like a very good option for a number of people. Thank you for sharing!


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