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Hello ECI834!

The primary concern of most students and parents have about online courses and classes is that they lack communication between students and teacher, time management and discipline to do the work because everyone thinks that they don’t have an instructor watching over them to make sure they are following the lessons and completing their assignments. When it comes to a math course and that too, which is delivered completely online then the fear and anxiety doubles. Our main concern while planning this course was to address this issue and in our course students are surely not on their own, bouncing around the coursework. They have a comprehensive course outline and accessible teachers to interact with via Google Classroom, Zoom, and Flipgrid to help them run the course, not get run over by it!

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After a lot of thought and planning, we decided to use Google Classroom as our LMS platform and for a collaborative space where we can upload or course material, Outline, pre-class videos and instruction. Furthermore, Google Classroom is an easy-to-use tool that helps educators manage coursework. With Google Classroom, we can create classes, distribute assignments, grade and send feedback.

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Foundation of mathematics by Vedic Math course will be formatted in a fully online form, which combines a flipped self-learning procedure with weekly synchronous sessions. It should be noted that conceptual videos of related every course content will be posted to Google Classroom. Prior to each online session, students must watch the foundational knowledge video associated with the upcoming class content by accessing through Google Classroom. When they are done watching the video, students are expected to fill and submit the Google Form regarding the description of their understanding of the problems they are struggling with.

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Our synchronous sessions will employ zoom– an online conferencing software (available for PC, Mac, and smart devices) to give lectures every week and help students solve the problems encountered. Zoom is a great tool for teaching mathematics online, the application not only offers the text and video chat, but it also has built-in recording features which are great for our course. The built-in recording feature of Zoom is very useful for a math online class because students can get a copy of the classroom lecture and discussion to review. This allows them to revisit areas they struggle with and to revisit the lesson objectives so they can prepare properly for the follow-up lesson.

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Formative assessment will happen after every class section which aims to record students’ pace for learning outcomes and help students gain an insight into Vedic Mathematics. Teachers will deliver quizzes via Google Classroom, and students will give their video responses to each assignment by using flipgrid. Their response video requires a methodical approach, which means in their video, students have to thoroughly describe how they approach the problems and explain their train of thoughts, instead of simply providing an answer. The idea behind using flipgrid was to give students a platform where they can explain their learning by their voice or video and not just by text. Students record short, authentic videos where they solve the problems and can also reply to their peer’s videos. It is another way to get students talking with each other in different ways is to have them use video or audio to interact.

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FlipGrid is an easy way to pose a question and have people respond via videos. It can be used within many of the most widely used LMSs, so students do not have to set up a separate account on FlipGrid or navigate to a different place. Finally assigned teachers will give feedback and provide guides by tracing each students’ flipgrid video.

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Our course is designed to assist students to recognize their hidden potential, improve their mathematical abilities and also drastically enhance their academic performance and ultimately eradicate Math-Phobia.

By the end of every session, students will have a better understanding of Vedic mathematics and will be able to solve problems faster than normal methods. By having regular Interaction with the teacher by multiple tools incorporated in the course, students will have more support in mastering the concept, which will boost their self-confidence and cultivate an Interest in numbers.


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  1. Sapna, I always love reading how you incorporate math with all this technology! I have to admit, I grew up (and sadly still have) math-phobia! I want to love it but I have always felt behind and confused. I think that if I grew up with math teachers like you who are proactive and understanding maybe it would have been different. Keep fighting the good fight!


  2. Great post. I like how you guys have provided different tools for your students to facilitate their interaction either with you or with each other. My son is taking an accounting class online this semester, and the instructor asked him to take a photo of his step by step answer to the math problem and send via email. My son liked this sort of interaction as an introvert. Therefore, I appreciate The flexibility you give to your students on using flipgrid to explain their learning by their voice or video and not only video.


  3. Google Classroom is very easy to use, as you stated and allows for lots of feedback in an accessible way. Using Google Forms ties in nicely as well and it is good for formative assessment. Zoom is an excellent tool as well and I think will serve you well. I haven’t used Flip Grid in my own classroom yet but it seems like a great tool for you to give feedback!


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