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Hello ECI834!

First of all, I want to thank our evaluators for their time in reviewing our course prototype and before I dive deeper into the feedback which we received for our course, I first want to give a shout-out to everyone in EC&I 834 for the construction of their prototypes. I am thankful that I was able to see what others have created and I can only imagine all the work that has gone into the courses that were developed.

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As for the peer evaluations, I am very happy and pleased with the feedback we received. I feel that the whole process was very helpful and gave us some ideas about how we can better our course. It also pointed out a few issues with verb tense/grammar in some of the sentences which we honestly hadn’t noticed before or details we omitted without even realizing it. We found the evaluation process to be beneficial and appreciated the constructive critique we received. We are very happy that our evaluators felt that the course was very laid out well and easy to follow. They also pointed out that there are many opportunities for interaction within the course like pre-lesson google form, discussion area, and flipgrid which has definitely motivated us. Having said that they suggested that the pace of video instruction was good and we should change voice tone once in a while when emphasizing a key point with voice inflection which will be definitely implemented while coming up with the next modules.


The evaluator’s think that our modules would work well in an online and/or a blended setting and it’s great to know that they are even thinking about sharing our course in their math class. Our main focus while coming up with the modules was to make it as engaging as possible and they found the lessons engaging and the promise of being able to do math quicker was motivating. The course of learning a new math technique takes time and practice and once students master the  Vedic math technique they can definitely perform mathematics calculations 10 times faster than the traditional method. The evaluator’s reason that Intro Video of Vedic Maths was thorough, but the timing on the slides was sometimes too fast for them to finish reading what was on the screen. And suggested that It may be beneficial to have a voiceover for students so they don’t have to read the words on the screen which will for sure be taken care and thank you for pointing it out.

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We got some great positive feedback about the course modules and pre-class videos but having said that they suggested that we need to add more visuals, like circling which digits we were multiplying at different times which I think is a good observation and we will make sure that such detailing will be executed while coming up with the next modules.



The evaluators unanimously agree that the course profile was well organized, Well thought out and thoroughly done and we were overwhelmed with such a positive response. One of the comments really made us happy which said “I appreciate that they identified that Math can be a hard subject for many students, and they do not always enjoy it. Their whole goal is to make math an enjoyable lesson, and if I am being honest, I enjoyed myself. I honestly hate math, and I am so proud that I was able to learn the method through your video. I wish I had something like this in high school to help me learn outside of class. I needed more help and often found it embarrassing to ask or go for help. Great idea team! Good work”. We are really overwhelmed and want to thank you very much for such a positive response.

Overall thank you for your kind feedback and for your time in going through our course. We are very happy and pleased with the feedback we received and feel that the whole process was very helpful and gave us some ideas about how we can better our course.

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  1. Hi, Sapna, how are you doing, You have done very well in response to peers’ feedback, which stimulates me to think more to improve our online course. In addition, some professional questions I do lack the ability to give appropriate responses. I really appreciate what you have done. I enjoy our teamwork, anyway, good luck with your following weeks.


  2. Hi Sapna! I’m very happy to hear that your peer feedback was so positive! The Vedic math sounds like such a great tool for all high school math students and I am interested to see how your course develops in the next few weeks!



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