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Hello ECI834!

After this week’s class, I was just amazed to realize that there are so many content creation tools and getting a task to review one of them was just like a cherry on top of the cake. As a mathematics educator I am always looking for unique and different way to make my class fun and creative, but for a math educator, it is not an easy task. Finding the right tool is always challenging and is also a perfect recipe to change student’s perspective of boring Math session to an interesting and memorable teaching moment.

As a teacher, it didn’t take me long to realize that Instruction via storytelling creates more vivid, powerful and memorable images in the student mind than any other means of delivering the same content and like Amy C even I like to incorporate new technology and new ways to present knowledge to my students. Teaching students by storytelling is an effective way to keep the learners occupied and PREZI offers a great platform to achieve it. For this week’s blog post I am exploring option 1 and reviewing Prezi, an excellent presentation tool which has the potential to make teaching moments memorable.

Prezi is a visual storytelling presentation tool which is an excellent alternative to conventional slide-based presentation programs which we use in classrooms. Prezi uses a large canvas that allows us to move and approach to different parts of the canvas and underline the ideas presented there, it also supports the use of text, images, and videos and also offers a collection of models to choose from and help new users get used to the interface.

As educator’s, we invest a lot of my time in creating presentations and use it in classrooms but most of the time it will be tedious and end up having a dull presentation which will not keep students interested and in a math class, as a math teacher I cannot afford this. It takes a lot of creativity and in-depth knowledge of using software ’s to create interactive and informative presentation but Prezi offers a great solution for educators with its unique platform for making and delivering presentations. As an alternative of slides and boring animation, Prezi infuses fun and creativity into our presentation.

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After analyzing Prezi, I found it very outspoken presentation tool and easy to use, even for a newbie like me. We have complete control over the details such as font size, adding audio files and images, importing PowerPoint slides, Embed PDF’s, sharing in social media. It also comes with a number of premade templates which can be used and yet gives us the flexibility to relate it to our topic and make it interesting. Prezi creates splendid visual impact in the classroom with its cinematic experience of the zooming function and students will feel ecstatic with the topic which we have designed. The presentation can also be easily shared on the internet and can be accessed by our students at home and they can navigate with Prezi and play around with it observing the connections of ideas and visualize concepts.

The strength’s and advantages of Prezi are enormous yet it has some weaknesses too.

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The first issue which caught my attention is that it lacks auto-correction feature which can be a hassle for users. Prezi is completely web-based, even though it is an advantage but in a few circumstances, it can be a disadvantage when we have limited internet access. It is not printer friendly so printing out our presentation may become a challenge to students.

Overall, Prezi is a great content creation tool that most of us would find very useful in the classroom, especially for Math teachers like me. It is a visual storytelling software alternative which will be a great advantage to educators and embeds cinematic experience in classrooms which makes teaching moments memorable. I believe that storytelling in mathematics is an excellent approach to creating a safe learning environment where a student might openly appreciate, comprehend and enjoy mathematics. I feel that storytelling in mathematics classroom creates an atmosphere of imagination, excitement, and thinking which make math fun and memorable for students and by the help of Prezi we can create such an atmosphere in our classroom.

What is your experience with Prezi? Do you find it interesting and have you created any content for your class using Prezi?

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  1. Prezi is something I haven’t used recently in my teaching. Whenever student make presentations a lot them go to Google Slides and a few will use Prezi. I like Prezi as it is a “different” and creative presentation tool. It displays content in a unique and engaging way. One thing I didn’t think of, was using it for math. That is a great suggestion and perhaps I will explore that!

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  2. I used Prezi to create my Summary of learning for the last semester! I had a bit of a learning curve with it. The main issue for me was that it is not possible to add background music to your presentation. This seems like a fairly basic feature that Prezi doesn’t provide. I had to play an audio file on my computer while screencasting my presentation. Great post, Sapna!



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