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Hello ECI834,

I am a Mathematics educator and have always been delighted, proud of my profession and I must say that the integration of technology into my classroom has greatly enriched my teaching practices. After this week’s class, I began to reflect my own experience using technology in my classroom and researched a lot about the integration of technology in the educational context. The more I read the more I realized that technology in the classroom is an excellent way to engage learners and in a math class, technology can be a massive help for students with mathematics learning problems and creates an interactive, engaging learning environment.

As educators, most of us would reasonably accept the fact that technology has transformed almost every area of life and the educational sector is no exception. when I reflect my own experience of technology integration in my professional context, my words change and the advantages it has to offer, possibilities are limitless. I believe that technology has so much to offer especially in education and for an educator to get closer to our students and deliver the knowledge effectively and efficiently.

It is an unquestionable fact that the major drift in the education today has one or the other means of entanglement with technology integration. As educational institutions explore different ways to implant technology into the classroom, teachers are trying different methods for effective incorporation of technology so that it promotes success and knowledge gain among students. Technology has presented us with many vigorous learning tools and these tools are the most versatile learning tools in the history of education; where our students have immediate access to enormous amount of information which is both informative and collaborative. Technology incorporated in education has many advantages and serves multiple purposes. One of the vital and notable benefits of educational technology is that it improves overall access to education

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During my past seven years of teaching experience, I have used several EdTech tools in my classroom. I have utilized various kinds of Calculators, Math notation tools, Fathom, Geometer’s Sketchpad software, graphing tools, drawing tools which help students draw lines, shapes, angles, and other geometric topographies, Equation-solving tools, Manipulatives, and Text-to-speech. These tools are designed to help students who struggle with computing, organizing, aligning, and copying math problems down on paper. They assist the instructional process and makes math class lot more interactive, interesting and fun.

Although integrating technology gave me some major advantages in math instruction, but not without challenges. The first and foremost challenge was how to avoid student distraction. Yes, most of my students were either entirely occupied with the technology or they were getting distracted from the actual course. Further, even though students were familiar with the general use of technology, the correspondence

to a particular mathematics tool was a difficult task. Making them familiar and comfortable to use few tools consumed more time and some of them also complained that understanding the tools was a lot more difficult than the math concept. Fixing the frequent technical issues was another challenging factor and finally, Instructional Difficulties with using various tools and understanding them was the biggest challenge because it required a lot of time to update our own skills about new technology. I couldn’t agree more when Kelsey states in her blog post that “Often, educators and educational assistants are not well trained in how to utilize technologies to full capacity.   This can definitely lead to difficulties when technical issues arise and a lack of time and energy on professionals parts to try and make the tools work”.

The means of blending technology in math classrooms posed many kinds of challenges. There were times where technology posed problems, while sometimes the curriculum did not furnish much support for learning by using technology, and sometimes there were moments where we as educators faced challenges using new tools which required adequate skills. But still, I think that technology extends opportunities for fostering learning and is helpful for instruction and assessments

Finally, I think that EdTech offers an enormous advantage and I really think that it is working well in our classrooms. However, with the advantages, there are always challenges and opportunities. So, what are your thoughts on Integration of educational technology in the classroom? and what are the challenges you face and how did you encounter it?. 




  1. Hi Sapna!
    I too teach mathematics, as you know so I look forward to reading your blog as you continue on integrating technology in your math classes. What tools do you find the best for graphing and sketching and that students find easy to use? I have relied on graphing calculators, as well as Desmos. My students find Desmos very easy to use but I am always looking to expand my repertoire! I think tech is a great asset to students, but I find it is a thin line between enhancing and relying on it too much in the classroom. What are your thoughts on this aspect?
    Looking forward to reading your future blogs!

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    • Thanks for stopping by my post shelby Desmos is an excellent tool with hundreds of digital activities, covering grades 6-12 and expanding quickly to other areas of math. I have used Plotvar, NCES and Chart Go and my be you should check them out too.


  2. Hi Sapna,

    The first sentence of your blog hooked me as I feel this way as well. There are many distractions that come with using technology but I would argue that there were just as many students distracted or not engaged before the new technology (I still remember those little ‘throwing star’ notes being passed around back in the day haha). I feel that using technology has enabled to become more of that guide on the side than sage on the stage which I much prefer. I feel I have had more opportunities to build relationships with my students and this is definitely worth the challenges that new tech can offer. I use Minecraft in my math classroom to discover and play with concepts that we have learned in math and have seen some engagement from students that just wouldn’t be possible – learning on many levels (both content and 21st Century Skills). I just think we as educators need to employ a growth mindset and keep sharing, discussing, take risks, and learn from our mistakes (something we want our students to do).

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