The Beginning of the Learning Journey

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Hello Everyone,

 My name is Sapna Bajantri and welcome to my blog. I am a Mathematics educator and have been teaching from the past seven years. Over the past seven years of my teaching experience, I have taught various Math courses for students from grade 12 to undergraduate. I love teaching Math and also a technology-hungry person and I love learning new platforms of teaching. Being a mathematics educator from the past seven years the first thing I notice in my students is the fear of mathematics and have always worked hard to change this perception and make Math a joyful learning experience. Aside from my profession, I am also a wife, and soon to be a mother. I and my husband are expecting our first child in February 2019. We are very excited and just cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family!                     

This is my tenth master’s class and fifth EdTech course with Alec, and I am so excited to be part of EC&I 834. I really enjoy taking online classes with Alec which is always interactive and informative. I am even more excited because by completing this course I will be completing my masters.  During this course, I want to learn many things in regards to online and blended learning. For now, I have set three goals.

  • To gain and explore new resources and tools to build an online learning course.
  • Become more active with my twitter so that I could connect with other professionals who can provide examples and ideas.
  • To be more creative and interactive in my blogs

I am certain that these goals will change and improve over the time during the course and I am looking forward to learning with all of you over this term!



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