Assessing Assessment Tools

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Hello ECI833,

As teachers in the digital era technology have empowered us with various tools, techniques to aid us in instruction and make our classrooms interactive and engaging. As a mathematics teacher If I were to choose an educational technology tool for assessment, my choice would be The Answer Pad.

As a mathematics teacher, I am particularly interested in this tool because of its comprehensive nature which is entirely different from the other assessment tools. This completely collaborative tool which supports both mobile and web platform helps teachers monitor student progress and also promotes student engagement. Determining efficient assessment tools and plans can often be a challenging task for educators and for a math educator it would be even more challenging as I have noticed that not all assessment tools serve the purpose and are not suited for every class


and situations. I couldn’t agree more with my classmate Sage when she states “Technology has influenced the ways in which teachers assess their students for decades.  With more recent advances in technology, we now have access to a seemingly endless bank of tools”. The Answer pad is such a tool which helps educators to design summative assessments which can be answered by the students very quickly and interactively by just tapping on the devices and also formative assessments can be directed by teachers in a very creative and straightforward manner, this inclusive nature was the ultimate factor which caught my attention. I am a full-time student now, but once I am back with my students, I think this tool will be a winner in my classroom.

The Answer Pad assessment tool is straightforward to set up and is a multi-platform BYOD learner discussion system that concentrates on real-time assessments. Educators can enroll for free and build their class and enroll their students, or the students can register themselves by the registration code provided by the teachers. The Answer Pad tool is completely free for up to 200 students over eight classrooms. The Answer Pad is an interactive and engaging tool for a math educator, and I am excited to try it with my students. By Logging on to this tool, we will be able to format our class to take swift formative or summative puzzles to help us know if our students understand what we are teaching in our classroom. The abundance of resources and pre-made quizzes which are available in the answer tab website make it even more exciting for educators and the simple, flexible way of creating our own quizzes make it easy to use.  With all such features, I do think that this tool will increase engagement and participation in my classroom.

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Thus, in conclusion, I think the pros of The Answer Pad include:

  • Easy and free to install
  • Quick to Connect and enhances classroom participation and engagement.
  • Facilitates attractive feedback and Broadcast system.
  • Drawing tool can easily be sent out for students to work through a problem.
  • Every student in the class is given a voice.
  • Live Monitoring system allows the teacher to watch students work through an assessment

However, there are some cons as well,

  • This platform is entirely technology-based and might be challenging for some educators.
    • Students may get distracted by the web page, video features as they can view without out having to leave the interactive session.

Finally, I think that the Pros of the Answer pad tool would definitely outweigh the Cons. What do you think? Have you ever used The Answer Pad tool in your classroom? If yes what do you think about the tool? And your student’s response to the tool. If Not, would you consider using it in your classroom?


3 thoughts on “Assessing Assessment Tools

  1. Great Post Sapan! I never heard of The Answer pad as well. Sounds like a great tool for math. I like how it supports both mobile and web platform. This is a big plus especially in higher education, students always prefer to use their mobile whenever they can.


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