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Hello ECI 833,

I can remember those days when I used to boast with everyone that I was a multitasker and I can be productive at multiple things at a time, but in reality, I was a far cry from being productive. Multitasking appears to be an exceptional idea to get a lot of things done at a time. We think that we are so productive while performing multiple tasks, but all we are doing is just getting distracted and becoming less productive. Research has revealed that our brains are not competent to manage numerous tasks as we presume or believe we can

When I clicked the link of the video “Single-tasking is the New Multitasking,” I watched it may be for 30 seconds and was listening to the rest it while opening multiple other tabs. Few of those tabs were study related, a few about this week’s presentation which I was working on and a few socializing sites. When the video was speaking about what I was doing, I couldn’t stop laughing at myself! The video was not only funny but extremely truthful and applicable. Talking about multitasking, while I was doing all of the above things while watching the video….. Oops sorry listening to that video, I was also having a peek on the news channel on my television.

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However, once the video stated narrating what I was doing, I paused all my other work/distraction and concentrated on it, and this time I saw the complete video. I couldn’t agree more to the fact that my mind is so preoccupied with so many things which were not allowing me to fully appreciated the video’s actual message. It didn’t take me long to realize again that is tough for me to focus on only one particular task at a time. The fact that, I am always multitasking in my life has significantly affected both on my productivity and, and this scenario answers the first question that Internet is a productivity tool which has provided a platform for me to work on multiple things but it has also created an endless series of distractions. I am productive to an extent, but in the same way, I am stuck in an infinite loop where I hop from one task to another. I agree to the fact that the internet is a productive tool, but in the same way, it also creates an endless series of distractions. When Amy C., Amy B., Kyle, and Colette discussed the advantages and disadvantages of online productivity tools I couldn’t agree more that these tools are meant to help us in many ways,  the Article by Nick Davis further substantiate that they make us perform tasks faster, helps us to focus on multiple tasks, which ultimately turn us into more efficient multi-taskers. 

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The Internet has certainly created a world of ‘multitaskers’ there is no doubt about that. Today, we are so fortunate that we have access to so much information, ideas, and the credit goes to the internet and numerous other technological tools. I think that no digital tool or technology is fundamentally evil and If someone wants to misuse it, they can, and they will find ways and numerous other reasons to make it as a hurdle for their achievements, but the same platform can be used positively in many ways. Kayla said it right in her blog post that there needs to be a balance. We cannot over-rely on the internet, but we also shouldn’t underutilize it.

Finally, I do believe that the Internet definitely makes us multi-task but having said that it is up to us to make is as a Friend or Foe.






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