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As a student and a teacher, I have always been inspired by the quote “Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.” I have been fortunate to see the shift from the traditional idea of schooling, where I sat in front of a teacher in a room seeing her lecturing to the students who were sitting in a well-organized row, to a whole different format of online education. But now, we must acknowledge the fact that the educational landscape is forever changed and thanks to the various formats of technology. Talking about Sesame Street who knew that today in our class we will be discussing Sesame Street? and the value of educational TV shows? At least I didn’t.

Let me start by applauding our classmates Michael, Joe, Sam, and Kyla M for their excellent and well-organized presentation. I must say that they really took us back in time and brought us back. Today we touch base on the history of audio/visual technology and its Impact on education. We witnessed how we transcended from blackboard based instructional setup to technology-based education. As educators in this digital age, we have access to various technological devices to aid our instruction. Integration of technology into the classroom has definitely changed how we teach and how our students learn. However, before the progression of technology within schools, many us learned through watching educational television shows. The notion of promoting education via television was one of the best things which had happened and sesame street is a good example of it.

A television show like “Sesame Street,” introduced what I call a “unique way of learning” in those days and I must say that it definitely posed challenges to educators and school, just like how the current culture of smartphones and the push towards BYOD are posing challenges to us and I think this is exactly what the Postman meant when he wrote “…We now know that “Sesame Street” encourages children to love school only if the school is like “Sesame Street.” Which is to say, we now know that “Sesame Street” undermines what the traditional idea of schooling represents.”. The whole idea behind watching educational television shows was so that our children might learn while being entertained and Even today we make use of educational videos in our classrooms which is both educative and entertaining to aid our instruction but never to replace formal education. In a way, I think that even though Sesame Street was a change that was really required I do think that it undermines the traditional idea of how students learn at school.

Technology and digital media are altering the meaning of the current format of schooling and creating new challenges for teaching and learning. The concept of AV technologies and open education has revolutionized the field of education; it has replaced the traditional classroom and made education accessible to all. Personalized devices and tools like YouTube, Khan Academy have further enriched the notion of educational technology and has significantly changed the educational landscape. The article Advantages challenges encountered and attitude of teachers in utilizing multimedia in the classroom provided by the presentation team showcases as the best example of the advantages of technology and challenges encountered by teachers. There is no doubt that technology is a very helpful tool for learning and it is also important for us as educators to adapt our teaching practices and integrate the available technology so that the core idea of our profession is best served.  Hamming said it right in her blog post that we cannot be lazy teachers anymore and we should always keep an eye to what is new. Technology is here to stay and we have no other choice than shake hands with it and get the most out of it in a positive and a productive way.

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Education today is drastically evolving and so are our students. Today’s children are budding up in a digital world and technological tools have integrated as a prominent part of our youth and it offers an ocean of resources for both students and teachers in learning and interactivity, there is no doubt that student and teachers benefit using them but in the same way it poses some concerns too. What are your thoughts and concerns about educational technology? and do you think Technology Will Replace Teachers?

In this constantly changing and evolving of teaching and learning, educators are always on the run from traditional schooling to a new means of education model. As teachers, we are constantly exposed to new means of instruction, the new rights ways and wrong, new device, and new technology is always eager to teach the teachers and in most circumstances, I believe it is for good.

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