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Hello ECI833!

Most of us would probably agree to the fact that technology has revolutionized almost every area of life and education sector is no exception. when I reflect on Educational technology my words change and the advantages it has to offer, possibilities are limitless or maybe the sky is the limit.  I believe that technology has so much to offer especially in education and for an educator to get closer to our students and deliver the knowledge effectively and efficiently. This week when we were posed with a question to define educational technology; I was paused and overwhelmed because, how can I define something which is ever changing? Even as I type there is something new. Well, here is my best shot. I think Educational technology is a tool used to facilitate learning and aid in an instruction which will improve, enrich, enhance teaching and student understanding and performance.

I think most of us can undeniable agree that the major drift in the education today has one or the other means of entanglement with technology integration. As schools explore different ways to embed technology into the classroom, educators are trying different methods for effective incorporation that promotes student success and knowledge gain. Technology has provided us and students with many vibrant


learning tools and these tools are the most adaptable learning tools in the history of education; where our students have immediate access to enormous amount of information which is both informative and collaborative. Technology incorporated in education has many advantages and serves multiple purposes. One of the vital and notable benefits of educational technology is that it improves overall access to education and Assistive technology has gone a step ahead and has become a boon for students with special needs and I believe that it is one of the best forms of assistance in today’s times which is the gift of technology.

I think it is pretty safe to say that digital world has arrived and will continue to flood every part of our lives in the future and education is no exception and as educators, this is the world that we should be preparing students for. Educational technology which is facilitated by direct use of technology or digital tools will be a likely game changer for educators to boost student learning and teaching moments in the


classroom. Students who will be entering the future workforce will need various skills such as collaboration, tech knowledge, critical thinking, ingenuity, problem-solving etc. and as educators, it is our responsibility in getting them ready for the digital community and digital future. As discussed above Assistive technology will not only be a boon to those special students but has also modernized their system of education. Pritha Paul in her article How Disabled Students Benefit From Assistive Technology In Classrooms explains how technology has modernized the system of education for students with various disabilities, making it easier for them to keep up with academic curriculums and even compete with their peers in classrooms.

Amy Cross blog post reflects my own experience that my understanding of educational technology has definitely been shaped through my own experiences with technology both in my personal and professional life and I couldn’t agree more with her definition for educational technology. I completely agree with Amy and also believe that most of us have definitely experienced both the negative and positive sides of technology and having said that I think that no digital tool is fundamentally evil and every one of us might have a different opinion depending upon the positive and negative experience from the past but the same platform can be used positively, productively and powerfully in many ways.

Finally, I am quite curious to know your personal experience of how educational technology or integration of technology into your classroom has enriched your teaching and learning experience?  If your school is not using technology, why not? That’s all, for now, folks and thanks for stopping by!





  1. Wow you mensioned about assistive education and I am interested in that as well.
    I agree with you saying how can we define something that is ever changing. So ture, it’s so hard. It just exist everywhere in whatever shapes…We use it everyday but we can’t say clearly..
    I enjoyed your pics, so cute!!

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  2. Well done Sapna! To answer your question,” If your school is not using technology, why not? ” I kind of touched this in my blog I will talk about school in Egypt. Computers were only intended to teach students a certain content area, they were an object of study nothing more. We didn’t see the full benefits of computers until the birth of the Internet. Believe it or not, blackboards are still the main educational technology being used in Egypt’s public school classroom today.

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  3. Hey Sapna,

    Regarding your question, the integration of technology into my classroom has enriched my teaching to an extent but I feel as though I’m not even close to using it to its maximum potential. I spoke about this briefly in my blog post but there’s obviously an abundance of technology at an educator’s disposal. The problem is either a)we’re not being informed about what’s out there or b) we’re not being properly trained in how to use it.

    The solution to the problem is a complex one. Resources, both in terms of finances and time are finite. Making matters even more complicated is the fact that technology is always changing.

    Personally, I’ll continue doing what I can to keep up and engage my students using tech but I fear that it’s potential will remain largely untapped.

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