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Hello ECI832,

This blog post marks the completion of my major learning project.  It was a great experience while exploring the social media applications such as Snap Chat, Instagram, and educational apps such as My Script calculator and  Wolfram Algebra Course AssistantAs educators, I feel that it is important that we have a solid understanding of the digital world and of the apps and programs that our students are using regularly.

In my first blog post, I reflected on how our major project connects to Mike Ribble’s nine elements of Digital Citizenship which I think are most important need to stay on the path to document my journey and reflect my personal project. In my second blog post, I review the features of snap chat, and what the app has to offer in the educational sector. I realized that Snapchat had so much to offer and also posed many concerns, so in my third blog post, I dived in deep by reviewing the important documents of snap chat i.e.  Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. My fourth blog post concentrated on how snap chat can be used in education, and how educators can make use of snap chat to post short videos and photos to give a highlight of the day’s content, summarize the content covered in the days and so much more. In my fifth blog post, I documented my journey by reviewing the features of Instagram and my sixth blog post focused on reviewing its terms of services and its privacy policy.In my seventh blog post, I learned how Instagram can be used in education, and how educators can make use of Instagram to reach students beyond the school walls.

In my eighth and ninth blog post, I reviewed the features of My Script Calculator, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  and how this app can do wonders for math class. In my tenth and eleventh blog post, I review the features of Wolfram algebra course assistant, Terms of service and Privacy Policy.

Overall my journey in this course was so interactive and informative and I just can’t believe that how fast the course ended. I gained an enormous amount of information and I treasure these memories for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Alec Couros and my fellow classmates for the support and some outstanding discussions.



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