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There is a heated debate about the effects of using technology in teaching mathematics. In traditional math classrooms, the educator leads a great demonstration of skills on the black or whiteboards followed by an individual practice. Students sit in line looking at the educator as they demonstrate the procedure to learn. Fortunately, this image of a traditional math lesson is changing. Integration of technology in the math classroom has increased and thanks to technology and few wonderful math educational apps the whole perception learning and teaching of mathematics has changed. Many believe that an algebra class can be a boring and stressful experience, and for whatsoever reason, students think that only a teacher can help them to calculate the algebraic problems with appropriate steps. Wolfram algebra course assistant can be an excellent aid for students which has the potential to make algebra class easy and interesting.


The Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant answers students precise algebra problems instantly, showing them how to solve the problems step by step.The applications cover the below topics applicable to Algebra.

This math application is devoted to helping students master the art of solving algebra problems, integration of such technology into the classroom helps math teachers to deliver the subject more efficiently where students can find n number of ways to solve a particular problem. Instead of solving few problems in one session of a math class the application aids teachers to hand out numerous problems to students where they can try it on their own after a detailed explanation of the topic by the teacher. One of the finest features of this application is its ability to solve complex and simple equations in a precise and rapid manner. It also has the ability to track polar paths from any function of your choice. This will absolutely be a boon to students who are struggling from understanding algebra and application is compatible for both iOS and Android devices and allows the user to do mathematical operations by just entering the equations on a touch screen of smart devices such as tablets, smartphones. The application is available for download in play store and apple store for a just 2.59 $. Given its multiple abilities to calculate a range of algebraic equations, from simple to complex problems, the application can be used in math classes. Obviously, the idea is not to teach children how to solve equations, but to integrate technology into the classroom and make them practice more problems than one can do in a regular class.

Wolfram algebra course assistant is a great educational application that helps integrate technology into the math classroom and make the concepts of algebra fun and interesting experience. In my next blog post, I will dig deep into the application by analyzing its various features hands-on, its terms of services, privacy policy and try few algebraic equations. For now, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments about Wolfram algebra course assistant in education and would you think about using it in your classroom and do you think that can the application ease the process of understanding the complex subject for students?






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