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As a mathematics lecturer and a math lover, I am having a great time reviewing the features of MyScript Calculator and to be honest I am also having a lot of fun using the app itself. From my 7 years of teaching experience, I have sensed a great deal of anxiety in my students whenever they listen to the course name or just the name math makes them uncomfortable. Even outside the classrooms the more I talk to people about math, the more I hear this word: “I don’t like math because math problems have only one answer. I’m really bad at math how can I get better. Thanks to technology and few wonderful math educational apps the whole perception of mathematics has changed. Many believe that a mathematics class can be a traumatic experience, and for whatsoever reason, individuals link math closely to intelligence. Many think that if you are genius and smart, you can do the math and, if you are not smart, you can’t, but I totally disagree with this statement. Math can be fun and few interesting apps make math even easier, fun experience and one of such app is My script calculator.

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MyScript Calculator is a charismatic application which is compatible for both iOS and Android devices and allows the user to do mathematical operations with the freehand script of expressions on a touch screen of smart devices such as tablets, smartphones. This is a free application which won the Mobile App Showdown award at CES 2013. Our smartphone’s these days contains a rudimentary calculator, but entering complex math isn’t always easy and is not always user-friendly but MyScript Calculator permits the user to write out math operations as one would write on paper and then solve them. The simple looking main screen of the application resembles a graph sheet where the user can script or scribble a mathematical operation and in the top right corner of the screen we have the options to redo or undo the work or you can just scribble on the calculations and it is gone. In the top left corner, the user can open a menu where they can access the configuration with options to configure the number of decimals displayed by the application, go to the left-handed entry and other operations. The application also has an interesting environment called palm rejection, when turned on, the application will overlook the part of the hand that touches the screen, it is useful for those who obviously put their hand on the writing surface of the device when drawing the numbers with a stylus.

The application is ideal for students or any individuals who want to make a swift calculation, MyScript Calculator converts numbers and symbols written by hand in a clear notation instantly and then shows the user answer of a mathematical expression.  The user can perform various operations such as addition, subtract, multiply and division, and the application does not limit to that extent. The user can also solve complex trigonometric and calculus functions by writing the problems on the screen. The application supports surprisingly complex expressions, which allow the user to add exponents, draw the root symbol for square roots, draw a line to divide by another number etc.

Terms of services :
My script calculator specifies in their privacy policy that neither the sites nor any MyScript Products are intended for children under the age of 13. By agreeing to the terms of services, the user agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. MyScript states that it is committed to continuously developing innovative services to better serve users of their technology and recognize that privacy as an important aspect, therefore they have designed and manage their services keeping in mind the protection of privacy of their users. This Policy describes the types of personal information that they collect when using MyScript application or their sites and are intended to provide services and develop the application. The personal identifying information which is collected is deleted within three months after a user deletes their account. My script claims that they do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 and will delete such personal information as early as possible. A commendable aspect of the privacy policy is that the service provider assures that they do not rent or sell any personal identifying information to other establishments or individuals, without the user’s consent. Overall, I believe that their privacy policy is straightforward and pretty safe for young users.

Finally, I believe that MyScript Calculator is a fun, extremely helpful educational application which can help students and teachers in making math class or a math assignment a fun and joyful experience. In my next post, I will be digging deep into the application by performing some simple to complex mathematical operation. For now, I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns on MyScript Calculator and its educational value and usage?



  1. I loved reading this post and learning about all the gadgets out there for math and math lovers! I have never felt like a strong math student and now as an educator sometimes I feel like I struggle to teach it effectively. I appreciate being able to read about all the different applications and functions of apps and programs to help make math more fun, accessible and current. Thank you so much for researching and sharing. 🙂

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