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Technology is already sweeping through classrooms and as educators, we are well aware of it. Education today is drastically evolving and so are our students. Today’s children are budding up in a digital world and Social media is integrated as a dominant part of our youngsters. Teaching in this digital era for the students who consider themselves as digitally a step ahead of their teachers poses many challenges for educators. We are sometimes worried that what we produce does not extend beyond the walls of our classroom and thanks to social media and technology we can take teaching and education beyond the walls of classroom and Instagram can be an ideal tool for it.

As I have stated before in few of my blog posts, one of the hardest task for a teacher is to make students pay attention in the class when most of them these days are busy sneak peeking at their phones, So, if we can’t beat them lets join them. Educators can make use of Instagram to post short videos and photos to give a highlight of the day’s content and also summarize the content covered in the days. It is a great way to showcase live examples to students from its story feature, we can connect with children, parents, and colleagues. Right from artistically broadcasting class assignments to sharing teaching moments and ideas through photos, as educators we can find numerous unique ways to use Instagram in educational setup.

Social media in the classroom is a great way to attract students towards interactive education. In this digital age, our classroom must not necessarily be, how it used to be when we were students. For educators, there are many exciting tools to help our students and Instagram is one among them, incorporating Instagram in the classrooms is one of the easy and effective ways to make education fun in the classroom and to take it way beyond the classroom walls. Instagram encourages collaboration, today’s children are already collaborated outside school but in a different context, but if we

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incorporate Instagram in school activities we can collaborate students about the school activities in the school and also beyond the school walls. It helps to build a community within the classroom, students engage in knowledge building together around a new topic or an idea, like have student browse historical photos and create a bulletin board or poster display. It helps to build creativity in students while they are given a task to create an image or a poster in the educational context, it also aids to showcase their work and get instant feedback from teachers, friends, and family. This helps students to refine and develop their artistic abilities and provide them confidence.

There are many educational benefits of Instagram in the educational context. The article 10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom narrates 10 awesome ways we can use Instagram in the classroom. Another article in Emerging Ed Tech goes a step ahead in explaining Instagram and how can the application deliver educational benefits and finally if you still have a question on why schools should be using Instagram this article might change your perspective on this amazing multimedia application. To wrap this post, I would like to know, as an educator what do you think about Instagram? have you used it in your classroom, if yes How?

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  1. I honestly never considered Instagram as an App to use in the classroom – but then again, I have never embraced the App (full disclosure – I never created an account).

    I can honestly say that after reading through your post, I see the App in a new light!

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