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Hello ECI832,

This week’s assigned blog post task kept me really thinking. Do I have to catalog my whole day I spend on media? Looks like I should, I got a bit worried because I was not sure what this will divulge about me but guess what, in a way, I was excited. So, here I go. My alarm goes off on my phone at 6:30 AM and I stumble around to search my phone and hit snooze so that I get another 10 minutes of sleep, after the alarm goes off for another couple of times and I repeat the process of snoozing it, that’s when I decide it’s time to start my day. What is the first thing I do?  Obviously, I grab my phone and check my emails and once I am done with that, I check my WhatsApp application to see what was going around back home(India) In my social groups when I was asleep.

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Once I am done with my WhatsApp then I quickly move onto the twitter app on my phone to see if anything interesting has been posted since I last checked night. If there’s something of my interest I spend some time with it, quickly retweet it or else just move on to check what’s the weather looks like for the day. After I grab my cup of tea I prefer to use apps like BBC, CNN etc.  These applications give me a sense of what is going around the world, I also prefer to keep a close watch on the news going around back home so I prefer to have another look on few other reliable news applications such as NDTV, TIMES NOW etc. I love music and online radio streaming stations are my preferences. I stream various radio stations on my phone and few other devices while at home or when I am at the university. I enjoy hearing to my favorite channel on my way to university to get an update on recent events in sports, entertainment, politics, weather.

At lunchtime, I check my emails again for any new messages and of course all my social media application. As I scroll through many applications on my phone I check out what’s happening in the news. I guess I am kind of addicted to those news applications on my phone. As I finish my day and head back home I open my transit app to check my ride back. Once I am back home I involve in group chats on WhatsApp, watch a few more Snapchat/ Instagram stories, read a few tweets and call it a day.

Back in the good old days, when individuals got their news mostly from newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, it was usually very easy to figure out when someone was spreading fake news, but internet and social media has made it complicated. News

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irrespective of true or fake its spread within no time and Some websites intentionally write false, amusing stories and try to pose themselves off as real. My personal strategies for analyzing and validating information on whether the news is fake or real is to validate them with various trusted media networks. Whenever I see a news I always try to look for the same form other sources and confirm its validity. I always consider the source, When I read any news section, I always consider the source before trusting or sharing it and check the article’s sources like looking at the author’s information to validate if they are real, reliable and trustworthy.

Finally, it is very important to be informative about identifying fake news, the article,  Evaluating sources in a “post-truth” world: Ideas for teaching and learning about fake news, is an excellent resource that contains a number of different lesson plans and activities regarding the challenges of fake news. To wrap this post, I would like to know how do you plan to tackle fake news? And if you find one on social media websites how often do you flag or report it?





  1. Great job Sapna. Your are definitely right about checking the news regarding false accusations. I have learned through our eci832 class about the importance of checking the news lately, which I never thought I had to previously. Gone are the days of thinking everything you see is true.

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  2. I’m guilty of waking up to the news as well – the only difference is, I’ll say “Hey, Google Tell me about my day” and it will play the news from a few media outlets as I shake the cobwebs and wake up.

    Too often I am fact checking on my phone as I lay in bed after I hear what the news stations are saying. I have a Twitter List of International News Stations, Intelligence Agencies and Major Police Stations and I scroll through to see what I can find to validate the information I consume.

    Great post 🙂

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