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Hello ECI 832!

It has been a wonderful journey so far this semester and I have been having a lot of fun with few interesting apps that our youths are using today. I guess my question on why these apps are so popular among our youngsters has been answered and I think around these apps no wonder that our kids feel as if they are in a candy store. As I have stated before in my previous posts, as an educator I feel that it is important that we have  deep understanding of the applications and programs that our students are using and if we are equipped with appropriate knowledge about these popular apps we will be in the position to point our students in right direction and make them a responsible and efficient digital user and an ideal digital citizen. So, here I am starting my journey on reviewing Instagram.

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Unlike me, if you are an active social app user or have a young technology user around you, then you should have come across Instagram. This is a popular social media application which is quite interesting among our youngsters today. The application was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010. Instagram is a digital photo sharing and social networking application which permits the user to share photos and videos with their followers. The application is available for both Android and IOS users and presently has more than 90 million active users around the world.

Instagram allows its users to upload photos and videos and share it with their followers by adding various digital filters. The application makes it quite interesting and realistic because of its geotags feature as the user can add the location from where they are sharing the content. It facilitates the users to post living moments and I guess this feature drew most of its current users towards it. The user can also incorporate hashtags to their posts and link the images or videos to the other content on the Instagram. An Instagrammer can upload images and videos while the others follow the users feeds and geotags with the user’s name and whereabouts. The applications allow a user to set their account as private which creates a requirement that any new followers must seek an approval and only when the request is approved the followers can view the feeds or comment on it. The app also allows the user to connect the Instagram account with other social networking sites, allowing them to share uploaded images or videos to those sites. The hashtag embedding feature in Instagram benefit users sees both multimedia messages and other iInstagrammer’s After its launch, the application took the whole process of creating and sharing multimedia messages to a different level, with its flashy filters and cool sharing options within no time it gained popularity among youngsters.

Social media tools have evolved as an integral part of our youth and has become a backbone of the way how they communicate these days. They connect to each other, share news, calendar things. It must not be a surprise for us as educators that they also use these tools for school work. As I have stated before no digital tool is fundamentally evil and If someone wants to be mischievous and misuse it, they can and they will find ways but the same platform can be used positively in many ways and I think we can direct them to use it in a responsible and useful manner. Instagram has so much to offer and also offers many apprehensions, in coming days I’ll be analyzing more about the applications platform, its terms of services, privacy and security implications and mainly its educational value and how best we can use in educational context. For now, I would love to hear about your thoughts and concerns on Instagram?

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  1. Hi Sapna! I totally agree on the importance of having a good grasp on the apps kids are using to we can be aware of the pitfalls and positives of kids using them! Plus, I think we have an idea of their capability, we don’t have to do as much snooping around – we can stay ahead of the game! Do you think you’ll stick with Instagram once the class is finished? I love Instagram I think it has lots of really fun features and I’ve been enjoying digging around it since I downloaded it. Thanks so much for your review. 🙂

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  2. Hi Dani! Thank you for stopping by my post. I think I will stick around Instagram even after the class for two reasons, one- I think it is very interesting and has lot to offer us, both personally and professionally, second- I just got into it few weeks ago and I really love all those flashy filters and cool sharing options, I am having fun using it and as well as writing about it.


  3. Great post Sapna!
    I, personally, am a fan of Instagram and how big a part of socialization it is on today’s youth.
    In our school we have a “school instagram” and it’s interesting how much of a following it has in the community (school of approximately 550, close to 1000 followers). It really does a great job of communicating (as you mentioned) with students/people in the school community and even offers a showcase of student skills and achievements that builds the community as well.

    We’ve been fortunate to have no issues or problems with it thus far, hopefully it stays that way!

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  4. Thank you Logan and it’s great to know that your school has incorporated Instagram and has such a big following. I agree with you that a popular social media app like Instagram has potential to offer lot of benefits especially in the educational context and a great tool to communicate with today’s youth.

    I believe that no digital tool is fundamentally evil and it’s up to an individual to use it in an appropriate way and I think that we have a bigger role to play in this regard.



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