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Most of us would probably agree to the fact that social media tools have revolutionized almost every area of life and education sector is no exception, I believe that Snapchat has so much to offer especially for an educator to get closer to their students and bridge the gap. I think that no digital tool is fundamentally evil and If someone wants to be mischievous and misuse it, they can and they will find ways but the same platform can be used positively in many ways. Snapchat has evolved as a fun tool which permits the users to send funny picture and videos and I think we can find ways to make learning fun for our students by incorporating Snapchat into education and take learning outside the classroom.

One of the hardest task for a teacher is to make students pay attention in the class when most of them these days are busy sneak peeking at their phones, So, if we can’t beat them lets join them. Educators can make use of snapchat to post short videos and photos to give  highlight of the day’s content and also summarize the content covered in the days. It is a great way to showcase live examples to students for subjects such as math, science. Below are few easy ways to start incorporating Snapchat into education.
Reminders: Almost every student are on snapchat and I think it can be a great tool if used as a remainder to let the students know about the upcoming task, activity or materials to bring to class.
Content Examples: As I discussed earlier snapchatting is a great way to showcase live examples to students for subjects such as math, science, it makes it easier for a teacher to introduce a concept in a realistic and practical way.
Improving vocabulary: we can improve student’s vocabulary by creating flashcards and by sharing stories filled with humorous, exciting images captioned with vocabulary words or ask them to do the same which creates an interactive environment and aid learning.
Snapchat Stories: Stories feature in snapchat will provide us a best and exciting way to share content and it permits students to view this information instantly and in their convenient time, It is way better than emailing them or handing them printed copies. In snap chat’s story feature the app allows the user to send series of sequential snaps of

short videos or images and add texts, captions, bitmojis, geofilters, drawings and the user can direct these snaps to a specific group. The stories which are posted are available for viewing to our followers for whole day so that students can clearly follow the teacher and review the content frequently.

Engage students with Question & Answer-  As an educator there are many ways we can use snapchat to engage our students and the best way is to answer a student question instantly and post a question or any communication which is way better than communicating in emails and I guess no student can resist having an unopened Snap just sitting there.
Connecting students to content related accounts: Snapchat provides a great platform for educators to connect our students with interesting SnapChat accounts in our content area. These accounts may post informational ‘stories’ so that students can be learning all the time. It is a great way to teach digital citizenship and a best way for them to utilize a social media tool and be engaged in virtual learning.
Congratulate: Finally, we can congratulate a class or a student on their performance instantly and in a fun filled way. Snapchat adds cool and fun perception for the old -fashioned process and brings teacher and student closer to each other.

When snapchat arrived and became popular among our youth there were many concerns for their safety. Many teacher and school divisions sent advice’s home to parents of the potential risks of the mobile application as it permits youths a way to send photos and videos to their peers, or even worse unknown persons and in no time, Snapchat earned negative status.

When we give it perception, we understand that in the initial stages all social media tools were a cause for concern when it comes to the safety of children. Today, schools across the country are using various social media platforms to engage with students and communities. I believe Snapchat can be a great way to engage our students and take learning outside the classroom. There are many innovative teachers who have successfully integrated snapchat into their teaching practices, in an Article Jacquie Lee writes about Psychology professor Michael Britt, showing how he is using Snapchat in his introductory psychology course at Marist College. Britt takes “snaps” of real-life examples of what he is teaching about and sends them out right before exams. Stockton University Public Relations Professor Ai Zhang writes in her article about 5 Ways to Use Snapchat as A Teaching and Learning Tool in Higher Education, she also writes about ways that Snapchat can “humanize you as a teacher. while wrapping this post, a popular and highly trafficked article written by A.J. JULIANI, caught my attention, he is a Director of Technology & Innovation for Centennial School District and has written a very thoughtful article “The Complete Guide to Snapchat for Teachers and Parents” He provides an excellent overview and tips for configuration and general use, and a few great ideas for integrating snapchat in classroom.

Finally, I can’t wait to see how Snapchat evolves in education and I hope to see positive things happening. For now, I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns in the comments about snapchat in education and are you thinking about using it in your classroom or school?


















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  3. I don’t have Snapchat and I don’t really know a lot about it’s functions…but what I do know is that kids love it and I should be more responsible and get to know it! I have really enjoyed following your journey and reading about all of the information you have been unearthing! Thanks so much!

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  4. Hi Dani, Snapchat is really an interesting app which is worth exploring and i think you should give it a try and i am sure you will enjoy it. Thank you for your time in reading my post.



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