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Hello ECI 832

It has been a great journey so far in this course, I am really enjoying it and collaborating with my fellow classmates makes it more interesting just like a cherry on the cake. I have got to learn so much more about digital citizenship and where our youngsters are today in term of their digital citizenship. Robyn D. Shulman article helps me in understanding more about the strategic areas from which digital citizenship can be better understood and the article further aided me the immediate need and importance of fostering better digital citizens today. I learned what is media literacy and why increase media literacy, I realized the fact that the world today is divided digitally into Digital natives, Digital immigrants and I understood the responsibilities of educators in this digital era. Finally, the article from Terry Heick further supported my decision on reviewing social media app and document my journey as more and more students interact digitally today with content, one another, and various communities, the concept of digital citizenship becomes increasingly important.

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So far this semester I have been researching a lot on my major project.  I spend most of my day exploring Snap Chat and Instagram, questioning myself on how and why are these apps so popular among youngsters. As I outlined in my Introductory blog post I have heard a lot about these apps as my students are on these apps on a regular basis but I haven’t used it personally and it would be a great journey as to know why and how these apps are so popular among our youngsters and what is our responsibility in making them digitally literate. After what I’ve come to discover over the past few

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weeks from the class readings and discussions I realized the immediate importance of digital citizenship and media literacy in our youth. Furthermore, I have come to realize that in order to educate my students the appropriate use of this app and their behave online it is important for me to understand this app’s from top to bottom. I am diving in deep and dissecting these app’s layer by layer using critical media lens, exploring its pros and cons, app platform to the terms of Service and privacy implications to educational value and usage. Further, My Love and Passion for Mathematics has motivated me to explore and examine educational apps such as. Wolf Algebra Course Assistant, Number line, and My Script calculator. These apps will really aid our students and mathematics will be a joyful journey. I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and having a flair for the subject has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and take math to a whole new level in the classroom.

While continuing to explore  Snapchat, Instagram, Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant, Number line and My Script calculator apps as part of my final project, I’ve come across many hiccups, achievements, and a lot of information download. As this week we were told to reflect on how our major project connects to Mike Ribble’s nine elements of Digital Citizenship which I think are most important need to stay on the path to document my journey and reflect my personal project. I want to focus on and incorporate, digital etiquette, digital rights, and responsibilities, Digital Literacy, Digital Communication. My aim is to actively be a part of technology and get in-depth knowledge of the apps that I am working on. While using it I want to understand efficiently so that I can steer my students in the right direction. Like many others, it seems that I have taken a long time to set path in executing my major project but I hope to start a journey of learning and knowledge sharing by exploring these apps both as a student and a teacher. I hope that my project will help my fellow educators in guiding our students to have a healthy digital life.





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