A little bit about me and a Journey to a new start in EC&I 832

Hello everyone! and welcome to my Blog! My name is Sapna Bajantri,

I am a senior mathematics lecturer from India and this is my second class with Dr.Alec Couros I am working towards my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and this will be my third class! I am a technology-hungry person and I love learning new platforms of teaching. Being a mathematics lecturer from past seven years the first thing I notice in my students is the fear of mathematics and recent integration of technologies into classrooms has made my life easier and learning Math has become a lot more fun.

Since I began my career as a teacher, I have witnessed the role of a teacher being changed drastically and evolved substantially. Emerging educational practices have come and gone where students proceed to learn and grow. I have handled various Math courses for students from grade 12 who were preparing to enter the University of undergraduate studies and I must confess that emerging technologies have a greater influence on my teaching practices.

As a teacher, I have always been concerned in the role that new digital technologies play both inside and outside the classroom and as an educator, I also feel that it is important that we have a concrete understanding of the digital world and of the apps and programs that our students are regularly using and hence I have decided to pursue

Option 2 as my Major project and document my Personal journey into media. The social media app that I am eager and

intrigued to review are Instagram and Snapchat.

I have heard a lot about these apps as my students are on these apps on a regular basis but I haven’t used it personally and it would be a great journey as to know why and how these apps are so popular among our youngsters and what is our responsibility in making them digitally literate, I would be diving in deep and dissecting it layer by layer using critical media lens, exploring its pros and cons, app platform to the Terms of Service and privacy implications to educational value and usage. The educational apps which I will examine are Wolf Algebra Course Assistant, Number line, and My Script calculator.

Finally, I am looking forward to being part of EC&I 832 and all the learning opportunities that lie ahead in this course. I am keen to explore new teaching methods and ideas while collaborating and learning from the amazing people in this course.  I hope to learn more about new apps that my fellow classmates will be exploring and I look forward to collaborating with all of you.  Let the party begin!


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